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How to Prevent Hard Drive from Crash

When a hard disk failure occurs, the Operating system does not load; thus, you are not able to access your files, apps, and programs. Typically, such a failure lead to a crunching halt with your computer being rendered useless. However, with little proactive care, you can always extend the hard drive life. Highlighted below are some of the tips you can use to prevent your computer from hard disk from crashing.

1. Defrag your drive

Although hard disks wear and tear with time, you can actually extend their lifespan. Defragging the drives helps keep the file structure more impact. Nonetheless, it is worthy to note that hard disks do not follow any particular order to save files. Data is always distributed across the landscape hence making hard to access stored data. Performing an automatic or manual will enable your PC to run quickly. Besides defrag help ensure that your hard disk work lesser, thereby prolonging its life.

2. Run chkdsk

At one point, the hard disk will eventually contain errors. The errors can come in different shapes, from physical problems to partition table issue, software issues, and many more. Running a chkdsk program allows you to attempt to handle any problems including lost clusters, bad sectors, cross-linked files, and directory errors. These errors can lead to an unbootable drive. Running the command allows you to identify the drive sectors with bad sectors and therefore can be mitigated before a hard disk failure occurs.

3. Monitor the health of your drive

You do not want to be caught when your hard disk stops working. Therefore, there is a need to be proactive and check your hard disk periodically. The critical parameters of your computer partitions can be monitored using different monitoring applications. Monitoring software helps with the following.

-Scans and display bad sectors.

-Shows a history of temperature measures and trends.

-Self-monitor and report any critical conditions through and advance email system.

4. Stabilize HDD power supply

Power supply, troughs, and spikes are certainly not within your control. However, you can always prepare for them smartly. Always ensure that your computer is plugged in the uninterrupted power supply that allows you to shut down your computer in the right way in case of climate-driven vagaries of a power supply.

5. Do not shock your computer

Computers, just like humans are sensitive to shock and impact. Thus, there is a need to treat hard drives like humans. Hard drives are subject to impact dropping or banging your computer may cause a problem. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that when never you pack your laptop or tablet, it is packed in casing that can prevent it from shock.

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